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Mineral Resource

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The Benefits of the Moatize Coal Programme

As part of the coal extraction agreement, Rio Doce South Africa submitted several prefeasibility studies to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Mozambique. These analyse potential satellite projects, which can benefit from the Moatize Coal Mine Development.


The Ministry is offering these prefeasibility studies to interested investors on signing a confidentiality agreement.

The projects which have high potential economic returns according to the prefeasibility studies include:

• Cement Plant: Located in Moatize, the plant will produce 360 000 Tonnes of Portland cement a year to satisfy the growing demand of the construction sector.

• Aluminium Smelter: The pre-feasibility study foresees the production of 554 000 tonnes a year of saleable aluminium ingots at a site between Beira and Dondo.

• Bio-diesel plant: The pre-feasibility study comprises the planting and production of oilseeds, the extraction of the vegetable oil and its further transformation into 117 million litres of bio-diesel in the Nacala corridor region.