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Nacala Special Economic Zone

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Nacala Special Economic Zone
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Situated in the north of Mozambique – Nampula Province, about 200 km from the provincial capital Nampula, 500 km in direct line from Mozambique’s border with Tanzania, about 1,800 km from the country’s border with South Africa, and about 620 km from the Eastern border with Malawi.
Its position on the Mozambican coast, its natural conditions and the existence of a deep water port determine the importance of Nacala, as a strategic hub for the development of country and the southern Africa. - The port of Nacala is the third largest deep water port on the eastern coast of Africa
The Nacala Special Economic Zone is the end of the transport corridor formed by the road that links the provincial capital (Nampula), the interland countries, in particular Malawi and Zambia, known as the Nacala Development Corridor (CDN) which makes the area a potential hub of economic and social development.